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The Commissioning Process:

First of all, it is best to email myself with your initial requirements. I will then guide you through the selection process and help you select the elements for your individual piece of jewellery. If you are in or near to the Glasgow area, it is preferable that you visit my studio by appointment so that I can take an accurate sizing. If you live further away and it is not possible to obtain a personal consultation, simply visit a local jewellers and get your ring finger sized. This may cost a nominal fee but it is critically important to the process, ensuring my work does not get delayed or overrun in costs. (Please view my Ring Sizing Chart if you live outside the UK).

If you are getting a ring with stones set in it, I may send the piece out for sizing before the final process of setting the stone. This gives both myself and you the client peace of mind that the handcrafted item fits properly.

Please visit my Precious Metals Guide to view your options for your handcrafted individual piece. On the next page you can view my Proposal Card...

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