Recent Testimonials for Shona

A huge thank you for the ring and the effort you went to get the diamonds and getting the design right! It's now been a week on my finger and I am very very happy! Can't stop looking at the sparkle!!
- Georgina, Glasgow

Have received the pendant this morning. It is a 40th present for my daughter. She has had things from you before and I'm sure she will be thrilled with this. Thank you.
- Eileen, Holmfirth

Rings arrived yesterday and just wanted to say thank you so much for your time and work, they are more than we expected and Cheryl thinks that hers is perfect. Once again I want to thank you very, very much for your time, patience and thorough professionalism regarding your personal help and most of all your work.
- Dave and Cheryl, Chester

Wedding & Engagement Ring Testimonials

Just wanted to say thank you once again for the wonderful job you did with the commission to replace my wife's engagement ring. I took Sarah away for a few days for our anniversary (25th June) and presented her with the ring over dinner...she was totally thrilled.

Attached is a photo of it sitting alongside her wedding ring...a pretty good match in colour and size, and I think it complements completely.

You are obviously a craftsperson of your art and I am extremely pleased with the entire experience of this commission. Your patience, attention to detail and consultative approach has made it a joy. My sincere thanks.

- Graeme Phillips, July 2013

Having made the decision to get married after many years together, and now with 2 children on board, we knew we were never going to go down the traditional wedding route. I started looking on the internet for different styles of wedding rings as again I didn't think I would go for the normal engagement and wedding ring. I found Shona's website and immediately loved her style of design: contemporary settings but with basic traditional elements.

I loved the idea of incorporating our 4 birthstones within the design so initially contacted Shona to see whether she thought it could work. She suggested coming in for a consultation which we did, and after a general discussion about the styles I liked Shona came up with a great idea to allow our birthstones to be used in a "set" of rings. Although I wasn't planning on having an engagement ring, we decided to have a separate engagement ring incorporating a ruby, this is the birthstone of me and my husband, so it felt that this was "our" ring. Instead of having 3 separate rings, Shona suggested having the other two rings with the boys birthstones joined together at the bottom. I felt this symbolised the boys being independent of us and each other, but that we would all still "fit together" as one unit. Aah, sentimental, I know!!

My main concern was that the colours of the ruby, alexandrite and sapphire might not gel. Given that all stones have varying hues depending on their size and quality Shona felt that she would be able to get a good match. She ordered up the stones, and on our next visit we were able to check how they looked against the gold settings we had chosen. We then had a final visit to check the sizing of the rings before the stones were set, and within a couple of weeks the rings were ready.

We are both delighted with how the rings look and have received many compliments on the style of rings and the sentiment behind them. We would never have been able to achieve this without Shona's vision and creativity. She made it an easy and hugely enjoyable experience. Thank you Shona, other than my 3 boys, my rings are my most prized possessions.

-Pauline Caldwell, October 2011

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